About me

I was born on July 18, 1983 in Azerbaijan. I did my schooling and studies in Russia, my first written language was Russian, and I speak Azerbaijan, Turkish, Russian, and English.

I first started going to the gym at the age of 14 and  now I’m 178 cm tall and 125 kg (5’10” and 275lbs). I’m became one of the world’s best powerlifters after breaking Dan Greene’s world record powerlifting total in the 110 kg weight class in 2013.

He won overall at the 2010 and 2011 Worldlifting and 2010 Eurolifting. He broke the world record in raw deadlift at the All-time European in 2011 and the record in squat at the All-time World in 2013.

Powerlifing since before 2003 and became Azerbaijan champion many times then until 2013.